woman enjoying In-Home Care For SeniorsWhen your loved one isn’t able to move around the house with ease or needs continuous medical, and personal care, caring for them takes a significant amount of energy. Additionally, it may require a level of skill that you and your family members may not have. Fortunately, there is support available. With the help of in-home care for seniors and adults who require skilled nursing, your loved ones can get the care they need around the clock. For more information about the services available for your needs, please contact Insource Health Care today at 240.603.7954

What Type of Services Are Available at Insource Health Care?

When you reach out to Insource Health Care, you’ll have a registered nurse on-site seven days a week, 24 hours a day, to answer any questions you may have about these services and the cost involved. Our team members can provide a range of services surrounding activities of daily living (ADLs), including:

  • Medication administration and medication reminders
  • Personal care assistance, such as bathing, toileting, grooming, eating, transfers, and lifting
  • Help with light household chores, such as laundry, meal preparation, and grocery shopping
  • Accompany them to doctor’s appointments and errands. Please note that we do not provide transportation
  • Assistance with nutrition and diet

In addition, seeking the services of Insource Health Care allows you to have peace of mind about your loved one’s health and safety. Our in-home care services can assist a range of needs for seniors and older adults.

Personal Nursing Services

If you were to send your loved one to an assisted living community or nursing home, they might not have the attention and support they need. However, with the help of personal nursing services, your loved one receives one-on-one care while they live in the comfort of their own home. Our personal nursing services will work in tandem with your family’s needs and help you maintain your loved one’s health and independence.

Hourly Healthcare

In some cases, the family can care for their loved ones for most of the day. However, from time to time, they need additional help for short periods of time. If that is the case for your loved one, then your family may require hourly healthcare services. We work with your family to create an individualized care plan for your loved one throughout the day, so even if you’re not seeking our services full-time, you know how to help your loved one. This service is extremely cost-effective and provides the best possible value to your loved one and family as we provide support as needed. Our minimum hourly care is 4 hours per day.

Live-In Care

Insource Health Care offers both live-in care and 24-hr care. 24-hr caregiving includes having two or three caregivers working in shifts in your loved one’s home. This level of care is best for an individual who needs medical and personal care consistently. Sometimes, the family isn’t able to provide this care, which is where live-in care can come in handy.

Conversely, with live-in care, one of our caregivers will be in your home up to 7 days a week. Often, the caregiver requires time to sleep at night.

Seek In-Home Care at Insource Health Care

At Insource Health Care, we’re committed to providing exceptional care for your loved one. Whether you require around-the-clock care or hourly care, we can help. 

Don’t struggle with managing your loved one’s care alone. Seek support from Insource Health Care today at 240.603.7954 or using our convenient online form